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Article written by Tom Chambers

That title is soooooo... much better.. but don't forget to spend the same time on the description... its the second most important thing you can do. Your title is way too long when i said use your friends site as an example is before I realized he had Zero knowledge about SEO... look at his title: Parker Colorado Homes for Sale | Parker Colorado Real Estate | Highlands RanchParker Colorado Homes for Sale | Parker Colorado Real Estate | Highlands Ranch Parker Colorado Homes for Sale & MLS Real Estate Listings: That is one hell of a mouthful.. and a horrible length. Now is that crazy or what... google will grab the first 66 characters and trash the rest... and scold him in the google tool box.. so its best if we carefully pick the first 66 characters so we feed google what we want him to have not let him choose... To see your friends foot long... I mean 3 foot long title click here and take a gander at a 3 foot long title at the very top of his page.. and mark that as a do not do.. for future reference.

Again forgive me for suggesting that you look at your friends site for examples of a title to use.. sometimes the competitors don't even know as much as we do. Anyway as Suzanne suggested... to keep up you need to do a basic SEO course then keep studying... and keep studying..and keep studying... oh! did I say "keep" But based on the title below I would not use any of his ideas... but I can tell you that he will have a lot of traffic and a lot of visitors just due to the way his site is set up... he knows (or someone who set him up knows about the term...."PRESS pages... PRESS pages...PRESS pages... PRESS pages...and more PRESS pages... forget about LOCATion. LOCATion. LOcation.. today its PRESS pages... PRESS pages... and more PRESS pages... PRESS pages... and he has massive Press Pages... I call them /i/ pages and he has more than 2,000 todate and I guarantee he will make a ton of money... and he can compete with the big boys...even those running idx+ and he does not even have it... but has has no freaking idea how to do titles.. and no telling how much other stuff he is butchering... so with a little SEO he could have a smoking site...
But no doubt about it..either he or someone helping him knows what they are doing in regard to building the indexing that works...

Next topic the term ... GREATER... horrible choice... When Suzanne suggested this to you it was simply an example of course she assumed you would (knowing your own area) evaluate to see if it applied... it does not... sounds good though.. for example if we (you and I) since we are in the same MLS lived in Miami.. then stuff about the "GREATER MIAMI" area would go over great.. since the locals call it and search for Greater Miami... etc... but not a sole would ever call Virginia Beach the Greater Virginia Beach Area... agree.. so if you use it in your title its a foot shooter... as bad as a title like... "Rag Dolls Virginia Beach Real Estate" bottom line is NO ONE! will ever type "Greater Virginia Beach Real Estate" unless they are drunk... LOL.. so get rid of that quick... before google gets you indexed under that.. once indexed under a bad term like "Suzi and Pam" can sometimes take months for google to come back and erase that negative title and replace it with the good stuff.... LOL.. ain't I an asshole... but all this will help you in the long run.. I guarantee you it will.. trust me... As you view below you will see due to the search numbers that no one cares a damn about Greater Virginia Beach Real Estate...

Now look at the difference here... everyone loves Virginia Beach Real Estate and everyone is trying to get on the bus... so lets get on the bus with them.

52,600,000 folks have built pages on that term.. WOW! Highly competitive.

Ok.. lets attack from a different angle.. what do the PPC pay per click advertisers think of your Greater Term? they hate it and will not use it in a single add see below to identify that problem.. By the way if you are interested in PPC pay per click to kick start your site... check out my free services at as my goal is to place a ppc site in all 52 states for free in the next 12 months.. might as well get on the band wagon.

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