Hey here is a brand new term for you... "SCB SCORE"
stands for "Similar Content Block" score

Article written by Tom Chambers

Now don't ask Matt Cutts what the SCB score has to do with anything as he will go HUH? as I invented this phrase and it is virtually unknown.. unless a lot of folks start using it... LOL

So here is my explanation.. As most of you are aware that when you do "site:mydomain.com" and dump this in the google search box.. google will present to you the index of urls that they have on you.. however keep in mind this is only a small portion of the URLS that google has on you... They like treating us like "Mushrooms" and we know how that works.... feed them shit and keep them in the dark and they floursh.. but I don't like mushrooms anyway..

So here goes... the next image shows the first page of a google index list out for a specific URL..if you scroll to the bottom of the page.. you will see numbers 1 thru 10.. this of course represents they first 10 pages of indexed pages that google has for you... there will be 10 indexed pages listed on each page..

So what I plan to do here for the SCB test is to click each of the largest numbers at the bottom of each page that comes up.. for example the largest page number on the bottom of the page is 10.

So here I click the number 10... this will take me to the next group of 10 and I continue to click the largest number on the bottom of each page.. for example they will look like this as you go thru.

10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30 and on and on.. in this case it will bottom out at 62. Meaning this is the point where google will not show any more pages.. so any time you get to 50 and the pages are still coming you are doing very well... most folks never get there.. even with a hundred thousand pages indexed... this example site has 30,000 pages indexed and makes it all the way to page 62... and even then google does not tell you he quit due to all the similar pages... so this site SCB score is 62 and that is shit hot..

Once we see how the basic test works.. I will follow that up by showing you pages that are not so shit hot where on has 4,000 pages indexed and a SCB score of 26..UGH!!...then I reveiw some of the items that caused this low score and finally I show you a site with 90,000 pages and a SCB score of 46...UGH!! When you scroll down to the image below notice the "about 35,500 results.. meaning google is telling us we have 35,000 pages from our website indexed in google.. however keep in mind as we keep moving forward page by page google will only show us a few hundred total... and will quit... the more pages that google shows the better the SCB score... which has a lot to do with how many really unique pages you have.. all the dupes are held back including any similar pages. So our goal here is to see just how many pages google will proudly show on our site.. the more the merrier and the higher the SCB score.

Ok lets scroll down and look at the following image...read the notes on each page.

Ok.. next step is to click on the 10 at the bottom of the page..which will take us to the tenth page in google. Then we click page by page to get to the point when google tells us .. no more.. go away... pea brain...lol.. What we should note here is the largest number at the bottom of the page is 14..so we click that and move on.

Ok.. scroll down the go to the next page.

Ok as you can see the bottom of the next page the last number is 18 so keep on clicking the last number until google says stop!"

Ok.. let's stop here for just a minute and let me explain something that we are about to see. In the image below we can see that it says in yellow hi lite that we are on page 22 of about 35,400..now we know google will not show us 35,400 since we are just now on page 22 and with 10 per page we have only gone thru 10 x22 = 220... hell it would take us a year to punch thru 35,400.. plus google is lazy and does not want you to do that plus the damn browser would get tired and go to sleep on you and you have heard of carbo tunnel.. haven't you....LOL
So my point is shortly it will quit.

Ok.. so just bear with me a minute and let me quickly click thru until the end.. dont' want to bore you.. once I get to the end i will show you the results..

OK nex image... shows the end and finally at page 62...but Tom you said he had 35,400 indexed and we are only on page 62.. that is only 620 shown... why? Lord boy you gotta pay more attention look above I just told you google would show as many as they like and shut us down.. and they showed 620 and shut us down... take a look scroll the bottom and see no more pages to click on.

However there is a few very important things to note here... first 99% of the websites you check will shut down at page 50 and lower.. this one went to 62...WOW! that is hot...wish all my websites would do that good... trust me just hope for 40 to 50 and you will be doing good....

The next thing to note is the lack of the warning from Google..."I have shut you down at 620 pages since the rest are similar content and I ain't gonna show them to no body unless you click here and specifically ask to see all the additional similar pages of content... that is a penalty folks no matter what you say... if google shows more of Joe's pages than mine and says you got similar content so I ain't showing no more i have been penalized don't care what you call it..

But note this super site.. google has shut down cause hes tired... not because the rest is similar content... now listen up "I said 99% of you won't see 62 pages... now hear this... all of you will get the dupe or similar content warning... I guarantee you this... and i did not fall off the turnip truck no matter what anyone says..

Ok.. nuff bragging on this old boy... he has outdone himself and his index is growing in leaps and bounds.. I would not be surprised if he broke an SCB score of 100 in 30 days.. never seen a hundred... yet...but he is on his way...

Now lets move on to a not so good site with masssive problems...and this is as time to hide the domain name for sure as if this site was mine I would be totally embarrassed...

First I only show the starting page and the ending page.. that is all I need to see.. So this page is the first and shows a measly 4,320 indexed.. so of course since it does not have 30,000 indexed.. we would expect less for a SCB score and we get that... but very small SCB score. A whopping 26 read on to see for your self..

First bear with me and read my definiton of SCB for me....

Ok.. here we are at the last dreaded page and we have to face the music... The SCB score as you see is a whopping 26...don't smile... yours could be worse.. but I doubt it as this site has broken so many rules... they can never dig out without a complete re-write and a massive deployment of the 310 re-direction.

The most important thing to see here is the dreaded google warning at the bottom of the page...and I quote google... "We have omitted some entries (a lot of entries) very similar to the 255 already displayed." Wow! Basically google has shown 255 out of 4,000 and might as well be saying pack your bags and go home.. the real estate leads I send you will be few and far between...

OK.. this ends the tip.. but I just felt that I must give you some pointers about why this site is a disaster.. it was a quick scan so I am sure i did not catch them all but I found very serious flaws... almost making the site of no value to the search engines..

First and biggest disaster is this:
Near the top of the page where you see Google (written in different colors) slightly to the right you see site:realesate.
That means they are running the subdomain realestate.mydomain.com and normally I would say great but on the next page you will see the are running the subdomain realestate.mydomain.com that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.. massive duplicate content and if they ever got indexed which they won't they would have hundreds of thousands of duplicate content since they have 2 subdomains running on the same domain and both drawing the very same content from idxbroker.. not sure why IDX broker even allows that knowing it will destroy the site. Next image shows the other subdomain. Take a look at the yellow hiliter at the top of the page.. they have managed to index 1,250 of the idx broker pages... not sure how they did that but they are worthless since they have 2,000 of the same content on the next slide under a different subdomain. Each day I pray 'Lord.. please don't let me come across a site this bad ever again...and sure enought the next day i find one worse. Let's move on to the next disaster... 2nd subdomain.

Well here we are we have arrived.. I have never seen 2 subdomains on the same idxbroker account... wow.. this is not foot shooting... or brain shooting... this is human bomb time..

At top next to colorful google sign see the second subdomain.. homesearh.mydomain.com... just no hope for this site. Its no wonder why my SCB score is in the dog house. The only way to look at this.. is that this person thinks that if one subdomain is good then more would be better.... jeesh...

Look at the most horrible descriptions on the face of the earth.. anyway I can't stand no more of this...I am getting sick. But I do have one more to show you.. the next site is like many I have seen a hundred thousand indexed and the SCB score dogshit.. so go below and take a look...and the thank god its not your site.

Now here is something wild... remember our original site had 30,000 indexed and had a score of 65 and remember most will never reach a score of 50... This next one has 90,000 pages indexed and a score of 46 and google is too embarrassed to show more than 460 pages out of the 90,000

So moral of the story is its not as important to have tons of pages indexed as it is for the pages you do have to be quality pages... now 90,000 quality pages is nice... 90,000 pages of shit is not nice...

So which site do you want the one with 30,000 indexed and a score of 62 or the 90,000 indexed and a score of 46... and what is better yet is th 62 will be at 150 when he reaches 90,000 indexed....and my guess is the one with the 26 will be down around a 10 in 90 days...

And lastly I want to show you a project I am very proud out.. it is an experimental site and has lots of problems so don't be too harsh on me... and the indexing is low, but its increasing at about 1,000 per day and currently its only 12,000 but what I am proud of is I have driven it to an SCB score of 69 with only 12,000 indexed... never seen that before.. so if you know anyone able to do that I would love to study that site... what that means to have a high SCB score is that google proudly presents more of your pages without being embarrassed... I am shooting for a hundred.. never seen that before... I would like to disclose how I do this but if I tell you I will have to kill you.. and I do not yet have statistical analysis on how much effect this has on ranking and traffic but I am working on testing that... However it makes sense to me if everything else being the same... the more google shows without being coaxed the better it is for you.. anyone interested PM me and when I decide to release this if I ever do you will be the first to know... and it will be free if I ever do release.

And finally I warn you do not check this score daily..maybe once a week is fine as it aggravates google and it can skew your serp history.. as we have seen in the past....

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