Does a custom Saved page index well in idx broker?...

Article written by Tom Chambers

Part I

To the question "Does a Custom Saved Page with my IDX Broker Site index well...I would give an unequivocal resounding use the Custom Saved Page in every case that you can.

Wanta see what it would have looked like if this had been a WIDGET instead of a CUSTOM SAVED PAGE page.. click here.. But finish this article first.

Give me your ear and i will walk you thru in vivid detail exactly how you can prove that a custom page will index...

Let's begin our understanding by scrolling down this beautiful page done with the widgets... Its really pretty and the visitors will love it.. and it will index very well... follow along to see how we can tell.

Ok once you have scrolled down the page and looked at all the pretty stuff.. I want you to take a pen and paper and write down a few key words from the text that describes the homes... Reason... we want to look at googles cached page and see if he has any of that information... are you ready?... here is my text that i copied from the first home.... yours may be different...... just don't lose it we will use it later..

Here is mine... can you just go back and verify.. let's use the same text.. so that we can stay together.
The first house on the list...
5 acres with 200 feet of Howard Lane frontage.

Now keep in mind the nice content and all of the homes about Dessau Elementary School will in fact be indexed..on Custom saved pages every last home will be indexed by google and futher more google will read the URL to each and every home and then tonight while we sleep google will sneak back into the site and using all those new urls grab the full detail page of every home and index all of those.... wow another 30 homes indexed and we did no work at all.

Ok.. follow me along.. be sure you have the info above that we wrote down and lets scroll down the page to the next image to see what we can this fun yet.... lol?

Part II

To locate the google cached version of this particular page we need to dump the full URL of the page into the google search box and up comes the location of the page... to view that cached version we click on the little greeen down arrow on the results of the search...In the image below you will see that I have drawn an arrow to the little green arrow that we must click on to see the cache page.

Ok.. come along and scroll down to the next page so we can see what is going on..

Part III

Ok here we are at the next page which is actually the page that is cached in google at this point.... meaning the copy of the page that google has on file.

We can tell its the google cached page since it yellow hilite.. "snapshot of the page as it appeared on Mar 11, 2014 and the time...

Now scroll down the page and low and behold.. all of the color photos of the homes are right here in the cache... all the homes seem to be in the cache... but actually those images are coming from the site.. To be sure google actually has them in the index we must look closer since google spiders can only read the text and not the images..

Look to your right at the top of the page... an arrow pointing to the words... "Text Version only" as you may have heard google can only see the text version and that is all they use to rank you ... so if we want to see what google has in the cache we must look at the text version only... and that is why google gave us the button so that we can see what the spider saw when he crawled this page...

So follow along with me to the next page and see the actual text version... and remember we will look for some of the homes in the txt to see if they came along... and I assure you they will all be there as we expected....

Ok come along way down past the pretty pictures and lets take a look at all the text in the google cache... see you way down below...

Part IV

Ok.. here we are on the last page... this is the text version of the page and it is exactly what the spider found when he indexed this page... so get ready to be excited as they will all be in the cache...

So here is the information that we wrote down.. do you still have yours.. Now let's scroll down and try to find any of the information that we wrote down earlier... you should see all of the detail from the homes we saw in the image?

The first house on the list...
5 acres with 200 feet of Howard Lane frontage.

so bottom line this beautiful page is totally indexed and worth its weight in gold...

Wanta see what it would have looked like if this had been a WIDGET instead of a CUSTOM SAVED PAGE page.. click here.. But finish this article first.

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