Wow!! Take a look below..... Is your site
still set up just like it came out of the box. Part II
Its costing you money. Let's fix it quick....

Article written by Tom Chambers

If your idx broker original or platinum is still set up the way it came in the box... you need to hurry.. since right now as we speak the spiders are all over your site. For each page they devour, within 7 to 10 days you will see that page indexed.

Out of the box idxbroker has set it to index your detail or listing pages with a title of MLS number and company name...
They left this item up to you to format as they do not want every single site to have the title and url and description and keywords to format exactly the same.

So why all the urgency to get it formatted so quickly... well.. the spiders begin to index as soon as you go live and they will index you with the horrible title and URL that was set up out of the box..

Once indexed it might be 3 or 4 months before google will come back and update your pages sometimes as long as a year.. sometimes never... so once indexed under the bad title and url.. google cannot place you correctly in their directory... plus when you look at the indexed pages who the heck knows what the page is about in the index when all you have is an MLS number.

I dont' know about you but I have not memorized all the MLS numbers in regard to what the property is.. so let's make it easy for the client... besides my experience is that more folks search for the address than do the MLS number... so you are less likely to get found when all you used for the title is the MLS number... so why not use both the mls number and the address... see more below.

The below image depicts what you will see in the index of google if you are using idxbroker right out of the box... easy to fix... let's do it. Note that the title is identical on all with exception of the MLS number... no address... no city nothing.

Now let's take a look inside the cover of this book and see what it looks like on the inside... Notice the short description just the MLS number and nothing more... well if only google would used that it would be better than the DEFAULT MLS data that they will use.. you see when your title is short google ignores it and hunts down the page for a longer paragraph and sure enough he finds a long paragraph and uses it.. guess what... its the damn MLS Default Text.. UGH! NEVER EVER let google choose if you have a choice.

Now I can hear it coming.... Tom some of the pages have a decent description when google is allowed to choose and some do not.. why does google do alright at times but most of the time chooses dog shit? Pretty simple.. take a look at the following two examples... and I will explain in detail..
You say... on the very same page of indexed homes I have some good and some bad.. why is that.. ok let's break it down step by step so that even the non-techy can follow...

1. When google finds a description he does not like.. he trolls for a new one..

2. Most of the time he ends up on the bottom of the page and with nothing left to choose he uses your MLS Default data.. the worst possible choice.

3. On rare occasions he finds something good.

4. This reminds me of a poster in the group the other day and the statement he made went something like this... Hell descriptions don't matter..I left a description blank and here I am beating out all the others in rank.. using a description google picked for me.. he just was amazed and had no idea how that could have happened....

5. Along comes all the non-believers...with "Don't worry about it.. if you have a good description, use it but if not google will find one for you just as well..Bull! That ain't what my research shows.. and if some one has some different research I would love to see it... Google flat sucks for finding a good description.. how can a puter know more about the page than you.. ridiculous.

6. Then someone else chimes in with "Well I have sent out many pages without a description and they ranked very well..." Fine.. show me those pages and I will show you a site that happens to have a lot of description text right near the top that describes the page to a tee.. and when you show me that I will agree even a bling dog could have picked a decent description.. (I say decent but it will never be as good as you could have picked for yourself.)... Next I will then review your website and find a min of 500 to 10,000 pages with dupe titles and ask you to show me one of those pages that ever ranked on page 1 of google. I did not fall off the turnip truck.. I have been running split tests on damn near every aspect of the web business...for more than 29 years... when I say something its not off the top of my head or what I thought.. its facts and I can back up everyone with hard data.

7. Ok.. Tom since you know so freaking much why was his page outranking so many others that hand picked description...

8. Simple..I pulled up that particular page.. and mind you it was only a few that ranked.. not a dozen... and immediately below the image near the top of the page..was a very nice huge paragraph description from the MLS all about this property... hell a blind dog could have picked some good paragrahps for the description... still would not have been as good as you could have picked..

9. So the moral of the story is even if once in a blue moon google does a good pick.. for christ sakes you will get 10,000 bad picks... pretty bad odds for me..

10. There is another bad rumor floating around out there that the description has nothing to do with rank but will affect your click thru..

11. I cannot agree with you more.. click thru will be massiely affected.. how many folks want to click on a page that says..."Read all about your Default MLS.." so correct no one will click it.. additionally the goal of google is to give the visitor a good experience.. so why would they ever show a page with a description like that.. I have never ever seen a page in position 1 with the description "Read all about it our default MLS.. additionally I challenge anyone to find a page on page 1 of google for any term no matter what.. and then look at the default indexed description and find it about our "Default MLS". I have tested and analyzed and tested and analyzed... and did I mention tested and analyzed and it ain't gonna happen.. Trust me..LOL!

12. There is a simple solution for every incident...


14. Now let's move on to the important stuff....

Example NR 1 of Google Good choice.. RARE... but good.

Example NR 2 of Google Usual Bad Choice which is the norm.

Now the below image is a page that google would
probably return a nice description.. But trust me when
Google returns a good descripton its a rare event and
deserves a cake cutting or some other celebration....

1. However it will not be as good as your description..
2. What really makes my blood boil is when google forces 5,000 dupe and horrible descriptions down your throat and promptly sends you love notes telling you that you have too many dupe descriptions in your site... now that really pisses me off..
2. Repeat after me.... well you saying.. if not read it above.

Next Image is a DRUNK google Bot...Why? No spider in his
right mind would ever have accepted your MLS number only as
a valid description... he had to be drunk.. never seen before
but here it is right before your very eyes... you will never see
this again.. so enjoy now...

Look at the descripton just above this one... nice... and if you look at the page you will see that the description was in just the right place for the mls description.. other wise katie bar the door.. more MLS Default just never ends.

Not related but another of my pet peeves.. it shows how idx broker handles
a sold property.. which is fine.. and we will always have a couple of hundred
404 sold floating around our tool box.. forever.. until google removes them
and they will do so eventually... some folks whose name I will not mention to
prevent starting a pissing contest.. removes the 404 header command to google
telling google to remove the page.. and they will.. change to a 200 which tells
goolle AOK... and a sold will never be removed.. EVER.. so your pages will build
to infinity.... I have seen several sites.. with a total of 90,000 indexed and when
you look closer 50,000 are sold... with nothing but the sorry page.. 5 line.. and no
similar properties to look at... Folks that is wrong and will eventually get caught.
Additionally that method keeps tons indexed but since when google compares the number
of decent pages to the number of 5 line pages.. the overall value of the site is
degraded for all the other pages..meaning over all since more pages give the visitor
a bad experience than the number of good pages the overall ranking of the good pages
decrease. Make Sense?

1. Again for sold pages I am not referring to the couple of hundred sold pages in the tool box.. we all have those, its when you check your sold pages in the index and find upwards of 10,000.. now that is living on the edge... its a no win situation since those pages bring no traffic anyway...
2. Again idx broker has set all sold to issue a 404 header.. and this can only work if you modify thier program to return a 200 aok to google...
3. This will cause tons of soft 404 to show in your tool box.. and my guess is anyone doing this has already been sent the warnings in your tool box.. from google something to the effect."We see too many soft 404 please investigate and maker sure these pages should not be hard 404.
4. What they base the soft 404 is the fact that the page appears to have very little informaton that would be useful to th client...and I find the statemnet below to be very not useful... LOL.

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