There is a little debate going around in regard
to whether its best just to start over from scratch
or do the meticulous work to save every indexed page
when changing idx here is my take.

Article written by Tom Chambers

I have not shown the domain name to protect the owner, however this is an actual snap shot from the Google Tool box showing the indexing of the site over the last year. Don't worry about the massive drop in the indexing.. on the left as that is not what this article is all about.. That is a whole nuther story. So let's begin by scrutinizing the far right where the indexing stayed in the 2500 area for almost a year... In October this person came to our group asking for help saying that more than one vendor had told her that her word press data base had been so bastardized by her last vendor that it could not be reconstructed and installed on another wordpress site.... course that kind of challenge got me going... of course man made and and man can fix it... however had I known it would have been that much work I would have passed also... 7 php programs and 100 hours later the data base was reconstructed and purring like a kitten... cost to the person... Zero Dollars... not a bad price to pay for 100 hours labor..... anyway enought of this... next step now that the data base is working and a brand new agent press site is live its time to index.... so take a look.. less than 30 days the site is almost back to the indexing that it had before it went over the cliff....

But moral of the story is ... this less is about "To save all indexed pages or not to save all pages.." If you look at the grapic closely you will see the site went straight up from the 2,500 stagnant point and never dropped to zero... YOu see those who say forget all your indexed pages and start over from scratch are just dumb.... it went almost vertical for 2,500 to its current 8,000... never passing thru zero.... and its still on the way up.. no telling where it will be in a year... we will see...

A main concern for those who say start over... what about a site that has 100,000 pages indexed.... would you let that one drop to zero and start over... well some of the biggest vendors in town do that every day.... so why tie you clients hands behind his back and make him start over when its just not necessary... Does it take a good bit of extra work to save all those pages.... you betcha.. but its worth it... always.

If you come up against this problem and you need help to make it happen.... I do it free for this group. I can either walk your thru it step by step so you don't miss a step... or I can do it for you with your hands off. Absoultele Free.. and I have tons of references about my skill...

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