Golden Nugget 1...

Article written by Tom Chambers

Bottom line when google finds a description to short they wander down the page looking for text to index and they frequently end up with the MLS Disclaimer... is that really how we want to index thousands of pages..

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Each day I will drop a golden nugget and I have a zillion and each one can put money in your pocket.. or take it out if you don't carefully follow my instructions. The following example shows that the difference between the city "FORKS" 5 letters long and "Palisades" 9 letters long can take money out of your pocket... What am I talking about.. if google puts a duplicate description in the index for you and it is there 6,000 times for you and another 10,000 realtors.. then they have 60,000 copies of that same description... so google will put your little but at the bottom of the heap for dupe content.. and your competitor who listens to me will be whipping the living hell out of you since he used unique content for the description and he will be showing like a big dog in the Serps all day long...

You see google is very particular about the length of the description and if he determines it is too short to adequately describe the product... and he measures it..a 43 character description is too short while a 51 character passes the smell test and you are on a roll..

So what normally happens is one day we look in the tool box and lo and behold we have 5,000 complaints from google telling us our descriptioins all 5,000 are to short and of course if they annotate it they expect us to fix it... before google crawls those pages again.. Problem is once they are crawled it could be 6 months or a year before they are crawled again.. so those pages don't rank till we fix them... so just like being in the shit can for 6 months or a year...

However when I am indexing a new site I have so many monitors and alarms set that google can't even go to the bathroom without my knowldege.. and when I see them shaking their head I immediately fix the problem long before they index more that a dozen bad page... wow... what a deal... money in my pocket and nicely indexed pages..

Take a gander below for more details

Can you imagine how horrible your indexing will look if you have 5,000 of these MLS Defaults in there... and there is a Zillion out there..

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