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Tom Chambers, you write about some very very technical SEO terms and practices but it's hard to keep up with your comments without defining some of the things you mention sometimes.

Can you please clarify why IDX on site is worth it's weight in gold, who are the big boys platforms, what the google scare crows are on ML, and also if the robots text is blocked on KW ML eAgent C sites (does that make sense to you?). Thanks

This is a specific question and should therefore not be considered spam.. and its posted here away from Coral Gundlach's post since it takes too much attention from her post and I don't want to be accused of stealing her post.. and I am guessing a few other folks may have an interest in interpreting my GREEK here goes...

Plus the more you know about the IDX the more you can spend your money in the right places.

1.IDX is worth its weight in gold...

a. google is notorious for turning up his nose over content that is not on your site but just looks like it is... for example frames trying to trick google in to thinking its on your site... will not be indexed... so along come the little boys.. (called that since they don't cost an arm and a leg) and they want to build an idx.. and they want to do it cheaper.. so they put it on their site and either using subdomains (for example idxbroker) and other metheds (for example Diverse) and others actually trick google into thinking the idx is on your site.... it ain't there folks... but google thinks it is... how do we know that google thinks that... RULE 1: Google shall not index stuff not on your site.... and if they find out they won't index it..

b. So what is the bottom line... the more expensive sites actually have the content on their website... and is not on another site and faking that it is on your site... bottom line.. google will show more love... and you will always index an onsite IDX at a faster rate and usually more pages than a non on site idx... I know some will say I have seen sites with 100k pages indexed on a subdomain.. True but few and far between.. and the value of content indexed on a subdomain will never rank as high if its not on a subdomain...

c. Just to expound a little... here is some nasty rule that google adhers to when you transfer a site... this shows how they hate subdomains and non on site content..

d. Notes from google... during a site transfer.... Google sez.. (a.) DO NOT go in your tool box and ask me to transfer a sub domain to a new site... I ain't gonna do it.. (b.) DO NOT go in your tool box and ask me to transfer a main domain to a sub domain.. I ain't gonna do it... (c.) Remember I hate subdomains and i hate frames even more.... actually google did not say that I made it up..

so guess what folks let's say you have a site in for example REW with 50,000 pages indexed.. and you want to send all the idx indexed pages from REW's main domain to your new handy dandy.. idx broker subdomain.... CAN'T do it you will not be allowed to enter it in the transfer book in your tool box... since google does not like that...

There is more... worse yet.. let's say you are going the other way.. and you want to transfer all 50,000 subdomain pages that you have built up in an idx broker site... ain't gonna happen.. when you go in to the tool, box to tell google that you want to transfer from a sub domain to a main domain google will snicker and say read my rule above... I don't do subdomain to domain and I dont' do no domain to subdomain... what is it about (sub to dom) or (dom to sub) that you do not understand....

OK! Nuff of that trust me... indexing on the main domain is valuable... why else would the more economical vendors do everything in their power to fake the idx being on the main site....

2. Big Boys Platforms:

That is the suckers that charge an arm and a leg for thier platform... now keep in mind they do provide more bells and whistles.... but the most important part of the big boys is the on site IDX... and that is worth its weight in gold.. I guess you could say I made it up from the gamblers... gotta have a lot of money to play with the big boys... ha..ha... That would be sites like BoomTown, Commission Inc, Sierra and a few others... you know those that can run you a thousand bucks a month....

3. Google ScareCrows...

That is a joking term when someone spikes the robots.txt file telling google to take a hike... Do a and you will see what I mean... if you every reach over 500 pages indexed on a good day.. you have achieved a miracle.. Only one reason I can think of the make sure you never rank organically in the serps... give it a guess... Now for $99.00 they have a good backend for lead management... just be prepared to pay the big bucks to drive PPC leads to the site or buy them direct... then the site will work fine for you... based on driving your own leads its well worth 99.00 per month... but I want some organic too... make sense.. So bottom line.. simply remove the Scarecrows from the Robots.txt file and all those sites will quickly rank in the serps.. not great but pretty good.
If you wanta see your very own scare crows.. visit

4.also if the robots text is blocked on KW ML eAgent C sites (does that make sense to you?).

Have no idea what you are talking about here... more than one vendor out there blocks the spiders using the robots.txt file...

What the hell is a Kw ML eAgent C site?

Hope this answers your questions and maybe others have not understood some of this...

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