Duplicate Content Discussion...
Does it exist or is it just
another Fairy Tale?

Article written by Tom Chambers

Ok.. just so you understand what is going on below... here is what the image is all about. I googled the address of the home similar to what a lot of folks do and in your stats you will be able to see that a ton of folks type the address just as you see it, since they know they can pull up in front of the house and type the address and boom they are getting all the info without calling a realtor as most do not want to talk to a realtor just yet...

The point you are supposed to get from this image is the nasty statement at the bottom talking about similar content... (dupe or very close to dupe content) makes no difference... either way google will not show those poor folks due to the similar content unless you specifically click it and ask google to show it... no one does that...

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So Tom are you saying that duplicate content may keep me from showing ever... No not always even google sometimes does not have enough to show 10 on the front page and at that point they get desperate and will show anything... For example scoll down on this image and note that they only could find 9 entiries so they apologized and said this is dupe content but i have to show it anyway... so the tenth one is marked as junk and displayed anyway..

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But for best impact wait till you have finished this article to go here.

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