Wow!! Take a look below..... Does your site have
any of this... but you don't have to put up with this
dupe content... Its easy to get get rid of.. just ask me how.

Article written by Tom Chambers

Now here is an example of a very beautifully designed.. its such a shame for such a nice site to suffer from this as it will hurt thier traffic like a big dog. Like all web sites it suffers from duplicate description content... what dupe content is dead.. think again... if so why would google bring it to your attention.. look in your google tool box GWT and you will see a list of hundreds and may be thousands of pages that google has singled out as duplicate title and or duplicate description.. what!!! no gwt google tool box.. get one its all free.. and google will daily report to you what they find that they don't like and I think if they thought it was important enought to bring it to your attention then you should think its important enogh to fix.

if you wanta be in on the beta ...its all good and all free..

Have you ever tried to get your files in order so you can find them when you need them and you notice that your last 1,000 home sales had the same identical name and the homes you sold was at the same address... Would be bitch to file so you could find them later.. so why would it be any diffent for poor old google.. so guess what they do.. file all your pages in one box and forget them.. absolutely no ranking.. we gotta fix that and quit selling to the same Mr. Smith.. to hell with that.

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