Wow!! Take a look below..... Is your site
still set up just like it came out of the box.
Its costing you money. Let's fix it quick....

Article written by Tom Chambers

If your idx broker original or platinum is still set up the way it came in the box... you need to hurry.. since right now as we speak the spiders are all over your site. For each page they devour, within 7 to 10 days you will see that page indexed.

Out of the box idxbroker has set it to index your detail or listing pages with a title of MLS number and company name...
They left this item up to you to format as they do not want every single site to have the title and url and description and keywords to format exactly the same.

So why all the urgency to get it formatted so quickly... well.. the spiders begin to index as soon as you go live and they will index you with the horrible title and URL that was set up out of the box..

Once indexed it might be 3 or 4 months before google will come back and update your pages sometimes as long as a year.. sometimes never... so once indexed under the bad title and url.. google cannot place you correctly in their directory... plus when you look at the indexed pages who the heck knows what the page is about in the index when all you have is an MLS number.

I dont' know about you but I have not memorized all the MLS numbers in regard to what the property is.. so let's make it easy for the client... besides my experience is that more folks search for the address than do the MLS number... so you are less likely to get found when all you used for the title is the MLS number... so why not use both the mls number and the address... see more below.

Now let's take a look at how we can fix the pages above...
To get to the page for the repairs do the following
Click Designs -> Pages -> Detail Pages -> Home -> Edit Preferences -> SEO Settings

Now let's look at an example of all our work...
This image shows the results you should have achieved
if you followed my instructions step by step.

The below data was taken by looking at the source code...

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