If you own an IDX Broker site and you are not using
the Subdomain function then you are losing a ton of
This article gives a step by step procedure to set up
a CNAME record that will instantly begin indexing your
pages on your domain vice the idxbroker domain and its
quick and easy to do...read on.

Article written by Tom Chambers

There is two ways to set up your IDX broker site, one is where your pages from the idx will all be indexed on the idx broker site.... (now why would anyone in their right mind want that) and the other method.. the best is to find a way to index all the pages on your domain... that way you can take the pages with you when you leave.. Not that I am ever suggesting you would leave.. however you may get stationed in the Mohabi Desert and they don't serve that area... anyway this article gives step by step instructions to set up the Horrid CNAME record on the Cpanel used by most of the sites... this one is specifically for hostgator and hostmonster, but any Cpanel will be very similar... plus you can call me if you get hung up. Lets get started...

So why all the urgency to get this CNAME thingy out of the way.. well.. the spiders begin to index as soon as you go live and the more pages you index on the idx broker site the more money down the tube.. so its important to get set up correctly right away.. Every day counts...

So Tom, can you tell me a little more about what is meant by "You can't take the pages with you when you go.. if indexed on idxbroker... " well yes you can take all your pages with you but they are mostly worthless since they are indexed on idxbroker and when you carry them to the next site they will probably index but since google sees them as dupe content on 2 sites at once they might get buried deep in the index.. and may never show thier face again.. plus you get branded as a big dupe content fellow in googles eyes... and google might lose trust in you... so by indexing them on your domain.. you can then 301 them to the new site and if its not a new site then your are really good to go.. the pages follow you without any extra work.. but if you change domain names then you simply do a 301 permanent transfer and google is happy with that.

But now let me tell you about a horrible story and major loss that you just brought up yourself due to indexing on the idxbroker site vice indexing on your own site as you should have been doing.. Lets say for example that you have 50,000 pages already indexed on idxbroker... and many do.. so this is not a far fetched idea... if you leave idx broker all of those 50,000 pages immediately become orphans.. meaning they have no home.. you have left and now when someone lands on one of those pages they see a 404 error.. same for google and after 49,000 404s google may get mad at you... not only that google does not hit that page once and remove it.. google must hit a bad page from 4 to 6 times before they give up and remove it from the index.. so those 50,000 pages may get crawled 6 times each or 300,000 pages crawled by google before removing them and that has just wasted the hell out of googles time.. they could have been crawling good pages all that time and not getting 404 errors.. do you think google might take your name down as the old owner of all those pages... maybe.. who the F..k knows... lol.

Enough... let's get started... what is this all about... we will build a CNAME record on your server and tell the system that if anyone looks for a page on say for example homesearch.mydomain.com they will be immediatley directed to the idx broker site but the url will not indicate that so they appear to still be on your domain when in fact they are not.. so google will also think they are on your domain and index them on your domain.. so your indexed pages will grow rapidly and idx brokers will not grow at all and that is what we want... so how do we do it...

Step 1

Into the URL line at the top of your browser type in your full domain name and then follow it with the /cpanel and visit that site... See screen below for an example.. No need to visit the hostgator or hostmonster at all.. go direct to your cpanel with the cpanel URL.

Step 2

With any luck you will end up at the page below.. here you simply enter your username and password that was given to you by your host... normally same one that came in your email when you signed up. See this is a lot easier than you thought it was going to be.. huh?

If your screens look a little different its ok.. as long as at this point your are logging into your CPanel.

Step 3

Ok.. lets git right into this DNS ZONE stuff... hey that sounds like fun... be nice there is nothing kinky about DNS Zones... Ok... its getting a little bit harder now.. so pay attention.. I know it will be difficult but just for now.. follow the little red arrow down the yellow brick road.. I mean down the page to the DSN icon and click on that Icon.. you can do that right..ok.. do it now... and I will see you on the next page.

Step 4

Ok.. Looks like you did that ok.. else you would not be here on this page... If you clicked on the DNS editor you should see the page below. Actually the page is much longer but just ignore anything below the section I am showing you.. Now use the dropdown box to select the domain you want to use to point to idxbroker... When you select a domain... it should immediately look it up for your.. if not click the load button but that should not be necessary.. Once loaded you will see some additional boxes below.. Move to the next image to fill those boxes in..

Step 5

Now we need to fill in the very important stuff... actually adding the subdomain and the location that we want the cname record to point to... Notice that an A record is initially selected in the box.. and very important.. change the A to Cname using the drop down box.. if you set up and A record it will not work... PERIOD! Two very important points...
It is important to note that we have two possible methods of placing the url in the box.. the preferrer is searchhomes.mydomain.com. so its important to note that the entire subdomain is placed in the box and two dots are requrired.. one in the normal positon and one at the very end of the url which is not normal... be sure to try it that way first and if propagation does not occur after an hour then try the alternate method.. but this preferred method almost always works.
1. Be sure CNAME is selected.. <--- (Very important item)
2. Type in the point to box for idxbroker original = idxco.com
3. Type in the point to box for idxbroker platinum = domains.idxbroker.com

Preferred Method Below.

Alternate Method Below.

The alternate method below allows you to type only the word homesearch in the box with no periods and none of the rest of the subdomain name. In most cases this does not work and you must use the preferred method above... where the box then requires the entire subdomain plus and additional period at the end such as follows.. homesearch.mydomain.com.

Step 6

Next lets scroll down the page a little to make sure our handiwork.. is in fact recorded...as you scroll down the page you should see that your search subdomain is now in place see image below.. and make sure both the subdomain name and the pointed to name is spelled correctly.. now we are almost done... We will keep checking the new domain name each hour until propagation is complete.. then we will visit our idx broker backend and make changes there then notify idxbroker so they can bless the change are report it to our mls for us. Be sure to keep checking "http://homesearch.mydomain.com" until it is propagated.. then and only then should we change it at the back end of idxbroker... once propagation has occurred them move on to the last and final step.. 7. In most cases propagation will occur in minutes.

Step 7

Ok! Now that propagation has occurred.. let's head over to the back end of IDX BRoker and make the final changes to hook idxbroker up to our newborn subdomain.

OOPS! Someone just said... how the heck do I know when it propagated... well just keep accessing the url and where did you point it... well to idxbroker of course.. so guess where it will land when propagation is done... Good... idxbroker.com of course.. goes to their index page... all blue.. so that is how you know.. be careful... since sometimes your cache will get a hard copy of your fail and even after it propagates the cache may still be showing you the bad page... so if you don't propagate within an hour suspect something like that... caches are a pain sometimes...

Now you know how to get into idxbroker back end so I am not going thru all that sign in crap... but look below for the buttons to punch when you get into the back end... The buttons will be "Account" then "Account Info". Now move to the next image to fill in the information required.

Step 8

OK... only a couple more things to do and we are done... Do the following"
1. Click Yes to use subdomain.
2. Enter you subdomain name and do not add a period at the end.
3. Save the page.
4. Contact idxbroker customer service so that they can get an approval for the change. 5. That is it... give yourself a pat on the back.. wasn't that easy?

Step 8
Last But not least is the Link changes
for all of the hard wired links such as
any hard wired links like dropdowns on
Front page or any other hard wired links.

Normally idx broker will redirect these url for you that have been hardwired, but you should as soon as possible fix them since its not good to have any more redirects than absolutely necessary... Good luck.. and have fun...

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