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Article written by Tom Chambers

First Section is Broker Lead Management.

Live Example Password=sample

This example was designed for a BoomTown site but can be modified for any system.

Hopefully this article will help you understand how you can stop leaving money on the table by not analyzing in minute detail.. (called micro-management..) LOL..
The first part will discuss the email a BROKER will receive each day. This report will allow the broker to see clients that have been absent from the site for 30 days continuous...and have returned today..and additionally allow the broker to see if the agents are taking care of business. For example we would like to think that if an agent was reminded that a lead who had not been on the site for 30 days.. just returned.. the agent needs to quickly review the lead record to see what goes.. for example.. it may be that the client was told to go away and get the credit fixed and come back.. is it possible the credit is fixed... need to check on it.. or maybe the client could not fix credit.. but due to death in the family he has now come into some money and may come back and start looking..again... only takes a second to find out.. and the broker now can see which agent check on the clients and which ones don't agents with a pattern of NO FOLLOW-UP may need discipline..
You see there is no way to know that a lead has come back after being gone for a lengthy period of time.. and I think that is a great time to call and say.. Welcome Back.. is there anything I can help you with..

The following image shows how to get to the report that i am referring to and be able to view it. ON the below image the one marked Return visitor in blue will be the brokers report and the one marked Agent Return visit will be the agents report... The report discussed here and below will be the agent report only. On the follownig image the arrow pointing to the "RETURN VISITOR" is the Brokers Report.

Why did I design this report?

This reminds me of a story that caused me to develop this report.
The story begins one day long ago..back when many of you were just a baby.... I had a client go to loan application and the lender came to me with the following story...

Lender: Tom I hate to break this to you, buddy.. but this sucker Lindy Bowen has more credit problems than anyone i have ever seen.. I am going to send her away and give her some very specific things to work on and then return when all is done.. sound good.. great.. thanks buddy...

Now the problem is my lender is no better than myself about keeping folks on the calendar and following up regularly... so the lead is forgotten...

About 6 months later..while scanning the visitors on my site I accidentally noticed someone I thought I remembered... I looked in the file and saw that for the last month this person had looked at 27 homes in the million dollar price range and one in particular was a favortie of hers.. and she had looked at it almost every day for a week.. but i did notice that she began looking at it over and over.. about 3 weeks ago...

Now I am getting really excited... I review her record and see that my lender is going to fix her credit.. and its been about 6 months.. boy am I happy now so I call my lender...

Tom: Hey Lender... can I start showing homes now...

Lender: Yeah why not .. I thought you had been showing homes for years...LOL

Tom: No asshole.. I am referring to Lindy Bowen.. you were getting her credit in order.. and now she is back on my site about 3 weeks ago and I assumed you got her credit squared away..

Lender: Hell no I ain't seen her since that day...

Tom: Ok great lender... can you give her a call and see if she has squared her credit away yet?

Lender: Sure Tom... do you have her phone number...

Tom: What the hell do I pay you for lender... you should have been keeping up with her.. Forget it .. I will call her and maybe I will move her to my other lender.. since you ain't doing shit for me...

Lender: Whatever? Tom you know we can't win them all..

Tom.. guess not and the way you service my clients we may never win any.. I am out here..

Tom calls Lindy..

Tom: Hey Lindy.. I see you are back on my site looking around.. great.. how's the credit.. sorry my lender didn't help out much... maybe I can help if the credit still needs work..

Lindy: Oh Hi Tom.. long time no hear... Nope credit still bad...don't think it will ever get better..

Tom: well I see you are still looking at homes.. still dreaming or what...

Lindy: Nope no dreaming... looking for my mother a home...

Tom: Well I hope her credit is better than yours...

Lindy: nope.. remember she trained me.. hers is worse than mine...

Tom: well I am confused to say the least..why would you waste time looking if you cannot buy?

Lindy.. Oh.. I didn't say I could not buy... just that my credit was still shitty. I can buy and I already did..bought me a mansion up in Beverly looking fer nuther one of them thar things up there in my neighborhood for my mother... then gonna git one more for my sister and another one for my brother..

Tom..GASP.. How is that are joking of course.

Lindy: Well if i am joking.. the joke is on you... You see, remember 6 months ago when you asked your lender to help me... well..I never heard from him... but my mom was dating a guy at the bank who knew a lender who came to help me out... you know that sucker worked on me for months and never gave up.. but never quit either... and so i could not buy due to credit...

Tom: Now you have really lost me... so how can you buy now...

Lindy.. Well my granny died about a month ago and Grandpa owned 3 banks..course he died years ago.. may god bless his soul... so now I got enough money to buy all my family a home for cash and still hav $800,000 left over... so I really want to thank you for letting me use your fantastic website... and so far I have found 3 other homes to buy... and I hope you don't mind that all these transactions are being handled by the lender who did so much work to fix my credit.. I feel like I owe him... even though he did not fix my credit... matter of fact he is so nice i may buy him a house too... and I feel like I owe you something too.. so I mailed you a check for $200 to cover the use of your website.. since I am not buying thru you... its only fair... right.

Tom: Are you telling me that if i had contacted you back a month ago when you came back to my site I may have been able to sell you a home... Well I certainly do feel obligated to you even if you gaffed off my credit... you did share your web site with me but last week I signed a buyers broker with my lenders agent for a year (you see the lender found me an agent to help out also.. so I am really beholden to him... maybe next year I will give you a call.. since I have a lot of houses to buy.. I don't think my agent would mind since he will have sold me a dozen by then and your website has been so helpful... matter of fact my agent tells his clients to use your website since he don't have one..

That very day i built this program to notify me the instant anyone who has been gone for 30 days returns to me site.. and I have been kicking my butt around the block ever since.

Now let's get on the the important stuff..
Nuff of this bullshitting and story telling.
Scroll down to the bottom of the following
long form for details

Live Example Password=sample

This example was designed for a BoomTown site but can be modified for any system.

The first part will discuss the email a Broker will receive each day. This report will remind them of any clients that have been absent from the site for 30 days continuous...and have returned today.. You see there is no way to know that a lead has come back after being gone for a lengthy period of time.. and I think that is a great time to call and say.. Welcome Back.. is there anything I can help you with.. Ok.. lets break down some details.

Detail breakdown of how the Broker email works..

Refresher.. the reason for this daily email to the BROKER is to alert him when any lead has been away for 30 days or more.. so that he may monitor to see if his agents are checking up on any leads coming back that have been gone for a lengthy period...
The agents receive their specific leads while the broker receives a complete list and on that list the broker can quickly indentify any agent who is slow or fails to at least do a quick check on returning leads... The agents do not know that the broker gets this report.. however for every lead that the agent gaffs off.. the broker RED NO continues to show daily until the agent quickly visits the lead record to see if any action is required.
NOte the tick boxes on the left.. this allows the broker to tick any boxes to remove the lead once he has acknowldeged that the agent has reviewed the lead record and taken any action that may be needed. IF the broker removes the lead the it will remin gone from his report, however if the agent ticks and removes it.. The lead will return on tomorrows report again if the agent has not clicked the View Lead also. IF the broker clicks View Lead.. it does not take the agent off the hook.. his can only be removed by visitng the lead. Once the RED NO changes to a BLACK YES.. indicating the agent has reviewed it.. the broker can click View Lead and review what action the agent took... including seeing if any notes were added to the leads record.
When ever the agent visits the lead record by clicking the view lead.. it also changes a RED NO on the brokers report to a black YES.. This allows the broker to see when an agent routinely never checks on the leads.. and also shows when an agent meticulously takes care of his leads.
The dates are shown when the lead last visited...

Note in the image below.. Agent George Washingon on the broker report is doing a fine job as indicated by all of the Black YES that George has.. but look at the sorry ass Billy Bob Thornton.. so the broker could make a note.. that he is a continuous problem.. and transferring about a dozen of Billy Bob's leads to George might get his attention... whatta you think...

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