Stop leaving money on the table by not
having a super stats analyst at your
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Article written by Tom Chambers

First Section is Bogus By Agent.

Live Example Password=sample

This example was designed for a BoomTown site but can be modified for any system.

Hopefully this article will help you understand how you can stop leaving money on the table by not analyzing your stats in detail. Let's begin with a full sliding graphic and then break it down item by item.

First off let's break down Elvis the cherry picker and make him the entertainment director and pass his leads to someone who really cares and has their shit together.. That way we can make more money... and we will need it since the entertainment director thinks he is really something and wants more money to be the director.. I have heard he picks a mean guitar and can sing a little... so he may work out but not as a realtor.

First let's define the term Bogus.. meaning the agent has decided the leads are worthless and puts them in the trash. Without close scruitiny of the broker each agent will decide a different level at which the leads can be trashed... If you allow the agents to decide without your check list of what you consider a valid Bogus lead then .. some will trash them after the first call fails and some may trash them just because the email was bad.. others will continue to work the lead until the agent is dead..... either is bad.. there needs to be a reasonable time to trash a lead... but not work them forever..

Hell I found one agent that would trash them after the third ring of the phone..... yes after the third ring of the phone.. he hangs up and trashes...with.. if they wanted to talk to me they would have answered by the third ring.. that is how i operate at home..

To build your "must do before TRASH list".. For example you might get together with the agents and decide that after 6 attempts..or whatever.. they will be put the lead on drip or whatever.. Set the rules up front or you will leave tons of money on the table.. So below we discuss why some agents have a huge bogus number and some a tiny number.

To begin the discussion.. lets look at E Pres..
	He has the following stats.
	Yellow: 410 Total leads
	Blue  : 155 Total Bogus leads
	violet:  37 per cent Bogus.
Elvis is a cherry picker:

The significance here is that more than 1 of each 3 leads Elvis receives goes to the trash..that is more than 33% being dumped... valid.. I doubt it... maybe he also uses the 3 ring principle.
Elvis has found that he can make more money by picking the cherries and trashing the rest.. Elvis is costing you money... get rid of him or retrain him.

Now let's take a look at one of my favorite folks.. who are really hard chargers and making me a lot of money.. That is my sweet heart D. Lewis

D Lewis follows and let's take a look..
	a. 69 Total leads
	b.  1 Bogus leads
	c.  1 % Bogus leads

D Eise leads stats
	a.295 Total leads
	b.  4 Bogus leads
	c.  1 % Bogus leads

This is really unreal.. how did she do this..
Well its best to sit down with her and find out what her rules are for going bogus... she may be wasting too much time on the leads.. or she might be doing it all just right..Either way we can use her knowledge and set her up as an example for other agents.. But keep in mind we want to analyze D Lewis.. in detail.. she may be a horder.. just won't let go.. that could cost us money in that she wastes too much time with no-loads... so let's study what she does and maybe get her to lighten up.. or tell her to keep it up.. and raise her pay to train the others..

Take a look at D Else.. she is doing damn good also.. make sure she is in the middle of the discussion also... is the closing ratio of these two agents also better than Elvis.. It's important to leave no stone unturned when Tom Chambers helps you try to get all the money off the table..

Now don't put too much value in the number of leads total or the number bogus.. the more important number is the per cent that each agent goes bogus... since it makes sense that if all agents are getting leads from the same Round Robin.. then they should be on the average similar bogus percents... so use the meetings to design a check list for the agents to use as a guide to determine a bogus lead.

Why not let the agents have access to this live sliding status report.. maybe get a friendly competition going between the agents... we must use all possible ideas to get the maximum out of our agents... after all the more money they make the more I make... Make sense?

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