20,000 Key Phrase Adword Account Free.

20,000 super key phrases for you Google Pay Per Click Adwords Site.

IF you are in a hurry to find out how to get a full blown Adwords account for free filled with 20,000 super key phrases tailored just to your neighborhood… jump down to the paragraph that says “Good Stuff Here“.

It seems like everybody and their brother is getting into the ADWORDS (PPC) Business. Not a day goes by that I don’t count another dozen or so real estate agents getting on the band wagon with the Google Adwords Pay Per Click Program. The field just gets more and more competitive every day.

I am sure most of you folks know what PPC (adwords) is.. but just in case some new folks out there have not yet been exposed. This is the google advertising source where you pay Google to place your ads on the top and right hand columns of the organic search results.. and when someone click on your ad you pay google for presenting your ad.. the cost can run from 10 cents to 3 or 4 bucks per click.

I know don’t laugh… I am sure you will never get a real estate ad on the front page for 10 cents per click… more likely 90 cents to 3 bucks… and then some…. for DUI LAWYER try 35 bucks a click.

If anyone woud like to get their feet wet and be sure not to lose your behind, keep your ears peeled you are about to hear something you will never believe.

As you can be sure since I am working with so many sites... I have been able to put together a winning game plan. Your total cost is Zero for me... you never give me a credit card.. you pay google direct for the clicks you receive and you never pay a management fee. YOur entire spend goes to getting you more clicks.

Now of course what happens is folks click your advertisments and that immediately sends them to your website where you hope to dazzle the enough to signup your form or call you on the phone.. so what happen is if all goes well on the average you need maybe 20 clicks on your ad to get some turkey (I mean client) to fill out your form.

I am a full blown programmer so i have developed some program that on the fly make sure you ad matches the query that was typed at google, and the landing page matches th query and so there is no reason not to maintain top google quality scores which lower the cost per click... Each ad has at least 3 others and I am continually switching them out to see which ad gets the best click thru... and the ad with the lowest ctr click thru rate is removed and a new one takes its place and this goes on around the clock while you sleep.

An average example which I see daily is something like this… on the average it may take 6 clicks at say 90 cents a click to get someone to fill out your form.(6 clicks means google sent six visitors to your site Then on the average it might take 4 filled out forms before you get someone who buys from you so that means to get one form it costs you 6x.90=$5.40 and it on average takes 4 forms to get a sale..so 4x$5.40=$21.60 .. Now a flat $21.00 is for a lead is one hell of a lot better than paying some sucker 25% of your commission to some no load (I mean co-broke).

Now every day the competition is getting more and more difficult to overcome.. so its dangeous for the neophyte to try to go this on their own.. its much better to have some hands on training.. but that runs a hundred dollars an hour plus.

So why the hell am I telling you all this crap?

First it is estimated that someone spending maybe 80 or 100 hours of intensive study could pass the written exam and I have had more than 3,000 hours of training.. so mine will be a simple pass..I am retired after 33 years USN and get a tidy little check each month even if I don’t get up in the morning. So what I am about to offer is free as I do it as a hobby. Till I die I am only going to do fun things and this is fun.

Good stuff here:

Absolutely Free to you I will set up a full blown Awords account for you with 20,000+ super tuned keyphrases along with negative keywords and walk you thru it by hand so that after I manage it for 90 days you will be able to take it over and run it easily by reviewing and tweeking it weekly. At the end of 90 days you will be on your own., but I will be available if needed to occasionally review the site or answer reasonalble questions. If you don’t want to manage it then you could find someone to be trained by me to run it for you. In other words if you are too busy I will train a flunkie for you…

So what is your responsibility.. pay google the $10.00 per day (however with less than $20.00 per day the results will be lower.. however you daily spend is up to you.. matters not to me as I get no part of the take. For the clicks that you receive.. no clicks no pay. It will be paid direct to google same as if you were running the program so no middle man (me) will take any of the kitty. My greedy little paws will never touch a nickle of the funds.. its all direct from your credit card to google. All leads will go direct to your website. We do not have to spend ten bucks each day, but the best results are achieved by a min of ten bucks per day. Again you can set the button for a buck a day.. however you might be a little dissappointed with the results.

Your Obligation: None! since at any point the results are not as good as you expected. We immediately Pause the leads and google will instantly stop the leads and no further charges will apply. And you can turn it back on next month when daddy give you some more allowance.

Hopefully from the 10 bucks a day equates to 300 per month you will be receiving sufficient leads to be making ten times what you are paying….bottom line even if you had zero sales during the training period, the hands on training would be worth $5,000.00 so its a Win Win.

Some rules: I cannot accept more than one person per area as not to allow competiton against each other for better results. Ideally I will try to get 1 person from each state in the USA. I have set a goal to achieve this in one year. I will set up a private forum so each new client can communicate with all the others to share ideas that we find as we go along. Only members of the group will have access to our forum and it will be free.

I am not saying that I am a know it all, but I have spent more than 3,000 hours studying this in the past 3 years and I am a programmer in any language you want to discuss and have written many programs that help you manage adwords accounts and save time.

But if you are skeptical…. go to the web and read up on some random section of adwords and google analytics until you have a basic understanding of that one small random area.. then write down a couple of question about that area. Then when you call ask me about that area… your mind will be boggled with my knowledge……

Here is a better one yet.. do you have a friend who claims to be an adwords Wizard.. ask that person to call for you. I guarantee you his response will be… grab the offer now.. this guy has more knowledge than many adwords consultants that charge 200+ dollars per hour.

So how can you lose… check it out

My goal is to build one site in every state in the USA in the next 1 to 3 years…depending on how it goex and have a busy Forum just for those members.

I am a Virginia Beach real estate agent and as I mentioned earlier my own broker specializes in the Hampton Roads area and in Richmond, Va so I cannot accept anyone in those areas. I do not want you folks competing against each other. Besides I don’t want to piss off the boss…. much…

So how much better can it get.. a real estate agent setting up your Adwords account. Meaning I know both ends very well. That is adwords and real estate… a great combination… usually the PPC guy knows PPC but is not a real estate agent.

Oh.. by the way if someone is so poor they cannot afford ten bucks a day for leads, I would consider two or 3 agents getting together and each pay $3.33 per day… but not to me to google and only after they have delivered the leads in advance. Then the leads would be split between the three of you. Lots of potential. Hopefully enough leads will come out of this that you can’t handle them alone and need to refer some for 25%. Not all bad huh?

Remember this is totally free… you only pay google for the leads that you purchase.. and I promise you google won’t give me a dime..

Check me out at http://www.realestatewebdesigns.biz and I am building the website and Forum now at http://52payperclick.com but that site will have a lot more information coming later…

Skype jackrabbitsec or call Tom at 757-587-9856

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